LED Modules for Schlieren and Shadowgraph Applications

(Product ID: LMS-XXX)

The LMS-XXX is a 2-inch, air-cooled LED light source used for schlieren and shadowgraph applications. The LMS-XXX can operate in continuous/long-pulsed (DC) or short-pulsed (HP) mode. In HP mode, the peak intensity is about 4x the the peak of the DC output with a rise and fall of time <100 ns. In HP mode, a built-in safety circuit automatically shuts down the drive circuits if the duty factor limit is reached. 












The LMS-XXX features a variable width slit to adjust the amount of output light from the module. Power supply and carrying case are included with the LED. The wavelength of the LMS-XXX is user defined and based on available LED wavelengths. XXX denotes wavelength in nanometers.


Data Sheet: PDF

User Manual: PDF