ISSI’s Mission 

Innovative Scientific Solutions Incorporated is an engineering research and development company providing innovative measurement and instrumentation solutions in the areas of Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Combustion Analysis, and Pressure/Force quantification.  ISSI supports DoD, NASA, National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other federal customers, as well as U.S. industry and academic laboratories.  We work with government and industry laboratories in Europe, Asia, and South America, as well as academic organizations worldwide.

We have the expertise and experience to develop and apply advanced optical diagnostic techniques and to produce specialized instrumentation to support these technologies.  We are often called upon to acquire data for the extension and validation of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models.  ISSI provides on-site personnel to augment customer-led research teams.  We conduct independent research in our 15,000 sq. ft. campus facilities.  In addition to optical, chemistry, wind tunnel, and electronics laboratories, we have a dedicated prototyping machine shop and electronic design and fabrication facilities.


Pressure Sensitive Paint

Pressure-sensitive paint, unlike pressure taps and transducers, provides virtually limitless spatial resolution and can be easily applied and removed from most test surfaces. Moreover, the optical sampling provides a means for low-cost, non-intrusive, full-field surface pressure and temperature measurements very early in the design cycle to enhance extensively the understanding of the aerodynamics underlying force and moment data.

 The accurate determination of spatially continuous pressure and temperature distributions on aerodynamic test surfaces is critical for understanding complex-flow mechanisms and for comparison with computational-fluid-dynamics models. Conventional pressure measurements are based on pressure taps and electronically scanned transducers. Although these approaches provide accurate pressure information, several drawbacks exist. 

Pressure taps provide information only at discrete points, and their integration on a test surface is time-consuming, labor intensive, and expensive. In addition, the test-surface aerodynamics and structural dynamics can be compromised by these devices because they may introduce system bias. Finally, pressure taps are prone to failure, particularly for turbomachinery or extreme-temperature applications.

Pressure-sensitive paint technology has emerged as an alternative in determining static and transient surface-pressure fields for aerodynamic applications.  In this approach, pressure sensitivity is based on molecular-oxygen (O2) quenching of luminescent molecules dispersed in a film that is coated onto a test surface. Under the appropriate excitation, the entrapped probe species luminesces with an intensity that is inversely proportional to the O2 partial pressure.  Because O2 is a constant fraction of air, this method can be used to determine the local surface pressure.


About the Pressure Sensitive Paint Team

The pressure-sensitive paint team at ISSI has developed pressure-sensitive paints (PSP) and temperature-sensitive paints (TSP) for high-temperature (> 150°C) and -pressure (2 atm) turbomachinery environments. PSP measurements have been successfully demonstrated by ISSI personnel for a state-of-the-art transonic compressor rotor, a spin-stabilized missile, and a scramjet fuel injector. 

For further information about pressure-sensitive paint technology and how our advanced pressure- and temperature-sensitive paints and measurement systems can facilitate your aerodynamic testing efforts, please contact us.


Our Markets and Customers

ISSI’s current and previous customers include the following government, industry, and academic leaders.  We look forward to adding you to this list or partnering with you to provide enhanced services to your customers.

  • Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Applied Research Laboratory Penn State Univ.
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Office of Naval Research
  • Air Force Office of Scientific Research
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • National Institutes of Health
  • U.S. Air Force Arnold Engineering Development Center
  • 46th Test Wing Landing Gear Test Facility
  • Pratt and Whitney
  • General Electric Aircraft Engines
  • Boeing
  • Systems Applications International
  • Honeywell
  • UK Aircraft Research Association
  • Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
  • Mitsubishi International Corporation
  • CIRA - Italian Aerospace Research Centre
  • NRC-CNRC – National Research Council Canada
  • ISL - The French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis
  • DNW German-Dutch Wind Tunnels
  • CTA - Brazilian General-Command for Aerospace Technology
  • South Korean Agency for Defense Development
  • KARI - Korean Aerospace Research Institute
  • Numerous U.S. , European, and Far Eastern Universities
  • Ford Motor Company


Core Advantage 

Innovative Scientific Solutions Inc. is a small business with exceptional technical expertise and the ability to rapidly respond to dynamic customer needs.  We maintain highly competitive direct cost and overhead rates while providing an excellent work environment and benefits to our employees.  We have a compressed management structure allowing direct employee and customer access to company senior leaders.

Give us a problem and we will develop your solution -- beginning with proven scientific principles and proceeding to -- engineering research – measurement validation -- instrumentation design --fabrication -- market introduction -- and sales and service -- ALL USING IN-HOUSE RESOURCES.  A key factor is our main campus facility that includes 13,000 sq. ft. of optical, chemistry, wind tunnel, and electronics laboratories, a dedicated prototyping machine shop, as well as electronic design and fabrication capabilities.